The Brunching Shuttlecocks Quizzes

Are You On Fire?

  1. Are you hot, even though the air conditioning is turned way up?
  2. When someone in an action film is set on fire and runs around screaming and rolling around and begging for help, do you think to yourself "Yeah, I know how he feels"?
  3. When you notice someone who's not on fire, do you feel nostalgic?
  4. Do you find yourself wishing they made a conditioner for rapidly oxidizing hair?
  5. Are you crisp?
  6. Are you considering becoming the coach of a major sports franchise and winning an important game in hopes that someone will dump Gatorade on you?
  7. Do M&Ms melt in your hand?
  8. Do you feel a burning sensation when you urinate?
  9. Do couples find it romantic to sit in front of you and sip wine?
  10. Do you light up the room with your smile and/or clothing?
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