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Washington proclaimed "We're Neutral!", Created Money, Bill of Rights
Adams, with his Midnight Judges, Used XYZ to pick some fights
Jefferson sent Lewis & Clark, killed the slave trade, bought some land
Madison's War of 1812 gave America the upper hand

Monroe, who added five new states, had a Doctrine, spread some joy
J.Q. Adams Abominationed, said Amistad slaves were not a toy
Jackson dealt with Peggy Eaton, sent Cherokees on a Trail of Tears
Van Buren didn't go to war, but a Panic fueled the nation's fears

William Harrison got pneumonia, died one month into his term
Tyler annexed Texas, while Succession made his mandates firm
Polk went to war with Mexico, and gave Vancouver to the Brits
Taylor died of Cholera, his C.B. Treaty gave Demos fits

Fillmore made a Compromise and California became a state
Pierce just made a Purchase, but Bleeding Kansas filled his plate
Buchanan let the South drift off, while dealing with the Dred Scott truth
Lincoln gave us Civil War, Gettysburg and John Wilkes Booth

Johnson Reconstructed, was acquitted of Impeachment pains
Grant, while incorruptible, was marred by major scandal stains
Hayes, who lost but won the office, changed the reconstruction tune
Garfield, though he meant well, was assassinated by a loon

Arthur reformed civil service, excluded Chinese from the States
Cleveland titled Indians, made ICC for railroad rates
Harrison didn't do that much, he served his four long years and then
America took a look around and elected Cleveland once again

McKinley had an open door, took a bullet, fought with Spain
Roosevelt had a big stick, but his canal's what brought about his fame
Taft had Buck Diplomacy and reigned over the highest court
Wilson gave us prohibition, for he was not the drinking sort

Uh-uh, not Wilson

Harding lived through Teapot Dome but a fatal stroke caused him to cease
Coolidge vetoed Farm Relief and had us sign the Pact of Peace
Hoover got America depressed over a great big Crash
FDR brought us back to war, his New Deal healed us in a flash

Truman United all the Nations, welcomed Israel, dropped the bomb
Eisenhower saw dominoes, and stopped McCarthy with aplomb
JFK began the Peace Corp, dealt with Cuba, the Berlin Wall
Was a champion of Civil Rights, his death was mourned by one and all
LBJ gave Voter's Rights, but was bogged down on Vietnam's beach
Nixon opened door to China, but quit before he was Impeached
Ford pardoned Nixon, draft evaders, was shot at twice during his term
Carter drew up some accords, but the hostage crisis made him squirm
Reagan gave us Reaganomics, and the Iran-Contra beast
Bush gave us the New World Order, and went to war in the Middle East
Clinton survived Whitewater, settled up with Paula Jones
But Monica's Impeachment simply chilled Slick Willy to his bones

88 Lines about 42 Presidents

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