What is a weblog?

A weblog is a chronological collection of hypertext entries, including but not limited to links to other locations on the Web with editorial or personal commentary thereon.

How is that different from an online journal?

Weblogs do not contain little graphics at the end of each entry telling you that the author is "feeling bummed."

Why have I heard so much about weblogs lately?

Weblogging came of age in the wake of the World Trade Center disaster. While the Web sites of major news outlets were clogged and often unavailable, weblogs provided vital information and eyewitness accounts that you couldn't otherwise get without turning on the TV.

So weblogs are all about disaster and war?

Gosh Jesus no! Weblogs cover a wide range of topics, such as other weblogs, what the mainstream media are saying about weblogging, new weblogs, advances in weblog publishing, books about weblogging, the future of weblogging, and that one naked guy painted up like Spider-Man.

Can I publish a weblog?

You can and you should. Valuable and relevant communication is only possible when you don't have to put much work into publishing your thoughts. Usenet and talk radio prove this. Thus, many fine programmers are creating ways to get your ideas out there with the barest minimum of effort. Soon you'll be able to check out your weblog to see what your opinions are without even having to form them.

Where can I find interesting links for my weblog?

Finding links of interest to your readers is a job requiring dedication and discernment. To begin with, you need to keep up with current events, both worldwide and Web-specific. Secondly, you need to be have a feel for the zeitgeist of--you know what? Screw this. Read Metafilter and Fark and grab some of their links.

Will weblogs eventually replace traditional journalism, causing all current bastions of establishment reporting and punditry to run, dog-like and cowering, back to the ink-stained pits from which they were spawned?

Uh. Um. Hey, look! It's a naked guy painted up like Spider-Man!