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New Charges Microsoft Rebuttal
Internal Microsoft e-mail refers to "Our big plan to stifle competition and use our monopoly powers to crush other companies." Those were code words. "stifle competition" is code for "innovate freely," "monopoly powers" means "team of talented employees," and "crush other companies" translates to "give free candy to poor children."
OEM agreement with Compaq requires Compaq employees to "serve as a free-standing army under Microsoft command in times of social turmoil." Standard industry contract language. Microsoft itself was once required to defend IBM from peasant uprising.
Microsoft was, at one time, planning to pay users not to use Netscape's browser, under their "Don't Use Netscape and We'll Give You a Buck" promotion. Plan was eventually scrapped -- funds need to pay people who forwarded Microsoft e-mail to all their friends.
When told by the judge "I don't want to hear another peep out of you," Gates released a press statement consisting only of the words "Peep peep." No comment.
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