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Welcome to Roshambo Rampage, the only source for online, networked games of Paper-Scissors-Rock that we're willing to allow ourselves to be aware of.

For centuries, perhaps longer, people who wanted to play 'Paper-Scissors-Rock' (also known as 'Rock-Paper-Scissors' or 'Rock-Scissors-Paper') have suffered from the debilitating limitation of having to be in the same room with their opponent. With our completely unpatented Send-O-Mail® technology, though, such tragedies are a thing of the very recent past.

It's pretty darn simple. Just enter your own e-mail address and the e-mail address of the person you wish to challenge below, along with your choice of attack strategies. (We won't use the e-mail addresses for anything, or give them to anyone else.) The challenge will be sent, and your opponent will have two days to respond. You will be notified of the winner. May God smile upon the favored.

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