This movie has the best use of a meerkat that I've ever seen.

It also uses a lemur in a wonderful way, not to mention a couple of seals, a gorilla, and lord knows what else.

Basically, if it's an animal, it's in here, and it's pretty funny. If only the people were as funny.

OK, the film is Fierce Creatures, the much bally-hooed reunion of the Fish Called Wanda group. They're back and with more animals than last time. I love A Fish Called Wanda, it's a very funny movie. I wanted to love this movie. I don't. I just like it.

Everyone has heard about the troubles they've had on this film, two directors, re-shoots, etcetera. And it shows as the film wears down a bit in it's attempt to find a true story.

The first part of the movie is exactly what you think the movie is going to be about, namely John Cleese deciding to get rid of any animal in the zoo that isn't fierce. And that bit is funny. But then the movie takes a turn, and becomes something else that isn't as funny, and the magic is lost a bit.

However, do not think for a moment that this movie is a total loss, it ain't. The cast is as funny as ever, they just don't have quite as much to work with. Well I mean yeah, they have the same stuff and what not, Jamie's tits, Palin's speech thingy (instead of stuttering this time he doesn't ever shut up. You know, like me), and of course Cleese's incredible height. But, I don't know, the movie just needs a good theft or murder to really make it swing.

It's a farce, and has a number of wonderful farcical elements, Jamie thinks Cleese is a complete pervert who can't be satisfied by less than two women (wouldn't that be cool), Kevin Kline plays two characters, both quite well, and of course most of the characters get to walk around in funny looking animal suits. Funny looking animal suits are always good for a laugh. I was a Pelican once. No really, a pelican. And some Grapes, but that's as far as I went. Oh the shame.

In all honesty, this movie suffers from the same thing Twister suffered from. Rampaging tornadoes which wreck havoc to middle-America. No wait, that's not right. Over-expectations. That's what I meant. When I saw Twister, I thought it was going to be the best thing in the world, instead of the over-priced special effects reel that it was. And with Fierce Creatures, I expected the hilarity of A Fish Called Wanda and got an amusing little farce. Nothing grand, nothing spectacular. Now if you just loved Wanda, and you love these guys, then yes, see the movie, it's not at all bad. But otherwise you can just rent it. In fact, if you plan it right, you can rent the movie and maybe some furry beasts in the same night and sorta, well, nevermind. Forget I brought it up. I could never condone such a thing.

But the things they do with that turtle... and the sheep...

I give Fierce Creatures 3 Babylons. But in installments. The first half of the movie gets 4, the second half 2. Jamie's always welcome breasts get 4 1/2, they're just so cute.

Editor's Note:

First of all, as if you couldn't tell from the way he just rambled on, The Self-Made Critic is ill. And let me tell you, he's a total jerk when he's sick.

Second of all, we have gotten numerous letters in regards to Mr. Self-Made's Star Wars review and how it basically ignores the plight of his mother during the first release of Star Wars. Well, we have been told in no uncertain terms by the Critic himself that while his father was cutting work to see the movie, his mother was taking the little Critic to the theaters herself, quite a few times. Seems she too, was mad with delirium by the Space Opera, as well she should be. See, this was and still is a movie that transcends boundaries, be they racial, sexual, or territorial. It's just that damn good.

Night, all.