So I showed up for Grumpy Old Men 3: This Time They're Presidents ready to laugh. But wait, that's not Walter! It's James Garner! This isn't another joyous romp in the Grumpy Old World, It's something new! Something different!

Something Damn funny.

My Fellow Americans is the flick, and numerous yuks is the result. (Yuks - a form of laughter somewhere between and gaffaw and a whoop of glee.)

This was yet another advanced screening (I preen myself in glee at my good fortune.) and I came equipped to enjoy with a watchful eye for lameness. But there was little lameness to be found.

The story revolves around former presidents Jack Lemmon and James Garner as they relive Planes, Trains, and Automobiles in an attempt to get from point A to point B to point C, all the time being chased as various people hunt them down like dogs.

Now on the fringe, I suppose any film where ex-presidents are hunted down like dogs is a good film, but after you get past that thrill, you find out that there's a whole lot more to this movie. Lemmon and Garner are, of course, great. Sometimes it's just a lot of fun to watch two true professionals go for it. They have the timing, they have the charisma, they have it all, and it's a treat to watch! The other performances are amusing, Dan Aykroyd and Lauren Bacall are fine, John Heard is delightful as a Dan Quayle wanna-be vice president, but in the end, they all wisely step aside and let the masters take over.

This movie rocks. And I mean that literally. It gets going very quickly, and never really lets go. It is well shot and well edited to create a very fast paced jet ride through the story.

So did I like it? You betcha. I totally recommend going to this baby. And the thing is, you don't have to go early, because most of the people in the audience will be over 65, and will need to sit near the front to see, so there should be plenty of good seats available. Plus, if you see a nice retired couple about to take some good seats, you can easily race them to it and win every time!

You know, I gotta admit, I find the recent trend of President movies a whole lot of fun. Between My Fellow Americans, The American President and Dave, we've gotten a good look into what it means to be president during a time of peace. And with Mars Attacks! and Independence Day we've gotten a good look at what it's like to be president during a war with space aliens. Now if only they'd give us a film that would show us what it's like to be president when Marylin Monroe stops over for a quickie, that would be cool!

Oh yeah, there was that movie about that dead president who resigned, but it looked serious so I didn't see it. I mean I wasn't a big-time movie critic yet, so I didn't have to. Not that being a big-time movie critic means I have to see every movie that comes out. Case in point, ain't no force of nature in this world today that could have made me see Kazaam.

So anyway, I give My Fellow Americans 4 Babylons. Basically, I liked it a lot, it was very funny, and therefore it receives the benefit of a high Babylonian Rating. As if that would do anything to help it's final domestic gross.

Someday I will have that kind of power!